Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How To Do Kinky Sex On A Budget

Let me start this guest post with an honest confession and declaration of interest. I am a professional Dominatrix. A Mistress. A Domme. And that is not just a job for me it is a lifestyle. So let me give you a few tips on what kinky sex is really all about. And I speak from what I would (unusually for me) modestly call a lot of knowledge. I have a very good friend who owns a sex toy shop and website. And the stuff that she sells is terrific. Vibrators, butt plugs, latex, costumes and uniforms, bondage items and tools, riding crops, floggers, feathers on sticks, all that stuff. It is all lovely but with the exception of things that go buzz – you really cannot replicate that with anything else! - I do not need any of it to be the filthiest and kinkiest sexy bitch you have ever even imagined. Actually, to be fair, you have probably never imagined some of the stuff I regard as day to day, but let me move on.

dominatrix offering her high heeled shoe to kiss
Yes, at my dungeon where my clients visit me I have spent a fortune on equipment and decoration, because it is what clients expect. Many kinksters what the environment as much as the activity, sometimes more. So I have a St Andrews cross, a cage, wall restraints and a whipping bench. And a beautiful rack of different impact toys – about thirty assorted floggers, crops and whips. I also have a cupboard filled with other things such as huge plastic decorators sheets and industrial cling film – use your imagination. But in my personal BDSM sex life, which is at least as kinky as anything I do at work - but with the additional benefit of orgasms for me - I do not need any of the equipment to have a truly outrageous time.

You see, BDSM is really psychological as much as physical. The anticipation of a smack is often better than the event itself. And spontaneity can be an amazing erotic tool. Imagine the dominant woman taking her submissive man by surprise. Instead of getting all “done up” in costumes, she just leans over and whispers gently and quietly in his ear

“Get naked now you disgusting bitch and kiss my feet. Silently.”. 

I guarantee an instantaneous erection, and if the woman is really into it, she will also be as excited as all hell. She can then tie him up with his own shirt sleeves or t-shirt. Spank him with her bare hand over her knee, paddle him with a wooden spoon - which also makes a great anal plaything as it has the safety flange built in! But make sure to either burn it or throw it away afterward. BDSM is about power and control, not how much you spent on toys. So use your imagination and your partners too. I You will be surprised how much it can be.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Do Escorts Ever Get Off With Clients?

You know when you are in the “getting to know you” stage of a friendship, when you are just feeling each other out and seeing whether you actually really like each other or not? The stage where you have had a few laughs together, had some time together and get to feel comfortable opening up to someone? Well, given my profession, the point at which some variation of this question comes up in conversation by someone is both a barometer of where we are at, and also a massive difference between my friends who are in the adult industry and those who are not. And when the subject comes up in conversation is totally different between amateurs and professionals.

If I am talking to someone who is not in “the game” and has only experienced the adult industry as a consumer (face it and honest, we all have at some point!) then – once I have told someone what I do for a living - the question of whether escort girls enjoy sex with clients or not comes up in the top five of immediate questions. By the way, the reaction I get when I tell someone what I do falls into three
brunette escort girl sitting on bed pulling her hair up showing her neck
camps – shock and disgust, shock and fascination, shock and enthusiasm – not because of what I do, but because I do not look like I would be a Madam. So someone from outside the industry asks about the pleasure of professional sex right at the early stage of knowing me, before we are friends and normally not much more than acquaintances.

But if I am talking with a woman who is a sex worker, or used t be a sex worker, it normally comes up much later, once there is a high level of trust. I guess that is because it is almost a taboo subject, because a lot of women feel that if they do enjoy sex with clients and the colleague they are talking to does not, then they might be judged negatively (damn you, latent Victorian prejudice!). But on the other hand, if a professional escort does not enjoy sex with clients, ever, and is a damned good actress, then they may be judged by their colleague in a different way. Basically, sex and their reaction to it is a very sensitive subject between working girls.

To actually answer the question though, a woman´s response to amateur sex is pretty much like that of every woman. Some women find it easy to orgasm and do so almost every time. Some never do. And with others it depends on the guy, the situation and the chemistry.  

Friday, 22 December 2017

Mistress Keeps The Escorts At Bay

OK so I was a little taken aback. My sexy blonde principal was keeping me safe from her clients by sticking her tongue deeply in my mouth, getting a good feel of my ass and purring in enjoyment? I am open to pretty much most things, so decided to run with it. “OK, while I get back to stopping the people who are apparently planning on doing you harm (which includes me at this point) would you like to explain? Or should I just lie down and take your word for it?”

“Oh I would be very disappointed if you did lie down and take it?” she said with a wicked smirk “OK, I´ll explain. Some people at this type of sex party just want to have a nice time. Some want to have as much sex as possible with as many people as possible. Some just want to have sex with amateurs. Most want to get it on with as many combinations of the sexiest Madrid escorts that they can. Some take the opportunity to try things they have never done before girl-girl, guy guy, DP, whatever. But a small group are a bit more selective and potentially troublesome. They just want to bag the alphas in the group. I am way out of touch in sooooo many ways. But you are seen as being with me. And you are a good looking guy, well dressed, in good shape, and armed. You were going to jam to wasps. So I marked you as my territory. No-one is coming near you now. Not even if you initiated it with anyone.”

“Marked your territory? So to speak?” I queried

“Well, yes.”

I just gave her a look and turned back to the bacchanal. I had no idea what to say. So I didn't.

She stepped closer to me and said “Apart from a show at two o'clock this morning I am pretty much done for the night now. I will show my face a little, but I am basically done. I assume you will be with me during those times?”

“Of course, Mistress. That is the job.”

“OK, I have pissed you off on day one and we will be together for a few weeks. Why don't we get some coffee and a supper and get to know each other?” She saw the look that was still on my face “In the bounds of your professional distance of course:”

Who am I to refuse a meal from the most sexy, beautiful and challenging woman I have ever met?

Sunday, 22 October 2017


Sexy women are one of the greatest sensual delights in the world. It is a fascinating fact that both males and females delight revel in considering photographs of eye-catching women. The exact same is not constantly real in reverse. Which is why in the best testing formats, where small adjustments in appeal and also success are checked and rechecked and appear very clearly, images of lovely women are extra effective than photos of handsome males. Advertising and marketing as well as every social media platform reveal to us specifically just what people react to and also what they do not. As do the views a specific companion gets on an escort web site or directory. Just changing the profile image can promptly multiply by five or six times the frequency with which individuals click via to see the rest of the images, and the amount of time that they then spend on that profile page.

I when saw a female former children's television presenter that had aimed to increase her range of work into ads and also picture modelling. And while her figure looked remarkable in those layouts, her face did not actually work down the lens. I have had the same experience with many escortsin Benidorm. It looked too flat and broad for her brunette hair to carry it. Yet in reality, when she walked into a London drinks bar loaded with powerful and effective men and women from the worlds of media as well as marketing, who were extremely inured to seeing and also meeting beautiful ladies, she made the room pause. The air was drawn from the space as she walked across the room wearing an easy pair of denims, high heels and also a plain and simple white T t-shirt. Only when she had actually sat down did conversation begin once more. That is real charm. Unfortunately her occupation still did not recover.

Some women who are spectacular in photographs are so thin in the real world that you wish to feed them instead of make love to them. Some popular celebrities owe their elegance virtually completely to the marvels of computer system improvements which covers their defects, places and sick looking skin. It is typically the instance that a woman that is terribly sexy and also stunning in reality does not find that matched or communicated via a cam lens. Which is why spectacular people could fail display tests or simply not take great pictures. There is a companion that we represent who routinely has her customers drop a lot under her spell that they will extend their bookings by five or six hours. Yet her pictures are only adequate, but put her in a man´s presence and they melt because of her sheer sexual allure.

Good looking women will certainly constantly obtain interest. Whether in the web pages of a publication, on a website or personally. Everyone has their own definition of what makes a person appealing, however when somebody has that particular something that makes the pulse race then that will certainly communicate personally along with on the electronic or published web pages. Though not constantly just as. If you are promoting the sexiest escorts Benidorm has to provide, it is very important to understand exactly what pictures individuals will discover eye-catching and also exactly what they do not. The personal preference of the escort company owner or web designer has absolutely nothing to do with it. Similar to all advertising, it has to do with screening and testing.

Friday, 13 October 2017


Marbella escorts and also gangsters are basically an inescapable pairing. The guys prefer to have pretty women on their arms, particularly ones that they can get rid of at a moments discover without any psychological luggage or dramatization. And also Marbella escorts enjoy mobsters due to the fact that they have access to big quantities of cash money and they want to invest it, due to the fact that there will certainly always be extra tomorrow. As well as if that gangster is put away by the police or their competition, there will certainly always be another along to take their area. Eager to splash the money to show how powerful, successful and also important they are.

Actually effective gangsters operate with an exceptionally reduced profile. They evidently run reputable organisations as well as while they will certainly appreciate an excellent supper as well as occasionally go to the VIP are in a club - one that they have a stake in of course - or go on vacation to a very glamorous hotel or resort in an exotic location, it will constantly be within the visible cash flow of their above board organisation endeavours. One area where they on a regular basis as well as enormously go off the booking though, is to spend time with the loveliest escort Marbella can furnish. Sex, power and wonga are, besides, the most fundamental drives for successful guys. The way in which they might prioritise sex, power and money is an individual issue and might change from time to time, but those three will pretty much always be top of the wish list for serious mobsters. As well as CEOs and senior politicians!

Marbella escorts
Thoughtful and serious mobsters do not make the mistake of pooping where they eat. So unlike what you see on the T.V. And in the movies, the top mobsters would not imagine spending quality time with companions from their very own operations. And also, naturally, they would not frequent the businesses belonging to their competitors. Is there anything more vulnerable - as well as a little pitiful generally – than seeing a man past him prime engaged in the act of physical love with a young and attractive girl? So gangsters that want to be alive long enough to be even more successful gangsters are very careful where they book hookers from. Lose lips get you killed.

Which means that the high class escort companies that are not run by or affiliated with mobsters tend to have a respectable number of them on their books as clients. Anonymously, obviously. Or at the very least they want to assume so. Though the sensible ones will certainly challenge talking to the firm principal and clarifying the demand for confidentiality as well as the consequences of breaking it.

And also mobsters are at least as likely to be kinky as the remainder of the populace. Sometimes more so. Few people leave prison the same way they went in, however much they might try to front it up to their mates. And also some of the perverted little things that turn them on and that they love or need to leave might make them vulnerable to mockery. And like Jack Wolz says in the Godfather “A man like me cant afford to be made to look ridiculous”. Right before he wakes up next to a decapitated horse.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Madrid SEX

The planet is a tempestuous spot nowadays. And some of the most perilous, anxious and violent spots happened, up till really lately, to be serious travel locations.

Greece is terrific if you are unconcerned with respect to if you will likely have the opportunity to take your money from the cash machines. In the recent monetary turmoil Greek banks stopped giving cash money and closed visa or mastercard structures. Which in turn must have rendered life a bit complicated in a state that relied on vacations squandering their your cash -that they withdraw from atm or spend via charge card.

The well established travel and person market for destinations like Madrid and Barcelona are equipped for their trips. They understand what they really want and the best ways to search for it. They realise that sexuality is liberally obtainable and absolutely lawful to either exchange. So if they choose to hang out with the most ideal escort Madrid can furnish, or shell out money for an hour or more with the a trio of the highest quality escorts Barcelona can come up with, they will do this.

Egypt is not someplace you wish to opt for a serene and pleasant getaway anymore. It used to be that scuba in the Red Sea was probably the most unsafe component of your holiday vacation (except for getting you wallets robbed in the bazaar or your charge cards cloned by market traders). Now actually arriving at a Egyptian tourist trap is an unsafe grand adventure that very few customers wish to undergo. And Morocco is extremely delightful and all that, yet can solely ever be a specialised niche location, no matter how successfully the Sovereign and his authorities deal with their people.

Turkey remains in near open warfare with the Kurds currently, is having to deal with disorder and its frontier with Syria belongs to the most unsafe locations on planet earth. Oh, and it has lately had an overthrow endeavor by regular army. Who may most likely have been less totalitarian in leadership than the current Leader.

France is seemingly subject to regular assault by locally developed Islamic thugs, including things like the terrible lorry and assault weapon raid in Nice a litrle while back. Rarely favorable to a serene respite except if you are fortunate enough to journey with your personal surveillance force.

But lots of people who are used to going to vacation locations like Turkey and Egypt, and even Greece, might likely have divergent presumptions, aspirations and finances for their erotic escapades. So the adult game in Spain is not flourishing in precisely the manner you might predict it as being if you just simply scale from person quantities.

Algeria is wonderful if you really want armed sentinels while you lay on the oceanfront. And that is reasonable as it was not that far back that tourisms were raided and slain by AK47 flourishing Muslim terrorists.

So Spain is succeeding astonishingly well with vacation figures now, and it seems set to continue. Some numbers are mentioning a fifty per cent rise in traveler figures compared with past years. Locations like Madrid and Barcelona are overwhelmed with tourists. So you may imagine that Madrid escorts and Barcelona escorts could be rushed off their tootsies (Off their kneeling positions? You have an idea what I am getting at ...) but that is definitely not in reality the situation.

Saturday, 11 March 2017


I recently found myself talking to my pals Laura of Mayfair Escorts along with Belle at Mature London Escorts. We were all snickering at the schedules of a few of the escorts which these people team up with over the ensuing couple of All kinds of awesome as well as attractive sites and yet constantly also gripes in connection with the quantity of traveling which the girls will need to carry out for their job. All the globe-trotting a elite working girl takes on will probably be generally five starred. Residing in the absolute best as well as highly premium lodgings, eating out at the very best eating establishments, plus with an amount of purchasing and tourism included that simply an experienced and committed high end consumer may maintain. And, of course, practically one hundred per cent the flights, lodgings, dinners, activities as well as purchasing are eventually bought by their professional beaus. Deluxe at all times, wherever and even any moment these individuals would like. Everything coming from their fully commited toil while a high quality elite escort.

Truth be told there are actually a couple of major varieties of ad pushing recruitment into the army these are actually the equivalent basically just about anyplace in the planet. I speculate that they will need to be in order to stimulate pubescent fellas to do without liberty and also face killing in return for a bad stipend. 1 hypes the chances concerning thrills, learning, voyaging, as well as charisma. The second variety makes play on the perils and even real dangers. The second type motivate one to react to the question of identifying if you as an individual are simply fierce sufficiently to succeed. Currently the ads concerning the army are actually entirely relating to being definitely hard. Back in the 1970s and eighties it was usually completely referring to allure, daring sports along with oceanfronts. Precisely what can any of this stuff relate to deluxe Chelsea escorts ? Everything the moment you begin to digest the subject.

Whilst I was even younger there actually was actually a frequent bon mot in connection with the traditional familiar advertising campaign promoting the british armed forces. The TV and cinema ad came with a necessarily elementary point referring to ways the training and job would undoubtedly permit one to travel to exotic locations, procure different abilities, get to know up-to-date folks ... My pals and I tended to reword this into the just a bit sceptical "Enroll with the armed forces. Explore the whole world. Run up against wonderful guys and women. And also get rid of all of them." Perhaps I will create a modern advert. It really might possibly become really successful. "Enroll in the working girls. Cruise the planet. Chance on appealing women and men. Then hump everyone."


A great high-class escort really loves her work. An escort is actually her own boss. The escort agencies such as Elite London Escorts and Time-honored Courtesans mature Escorts represent her, they do not employ her. She works what hours she chooses and travels anywhere she chooses. And she will make an extremely good living. Especially as she will not pay for most of the expensive things that eat most guys and women budgets. Best of all, if you regard working out as fun rather than work, she will include all of the lifestyle that most men and women can only dream of from a maximum of 20 hours work a week. Probably a lot less. That is actually the kind of thing that it possible when you work a high class international escort at the top of the profession. So much for the cliche of the drug-addled hooker.