Thursday, 14 June 2018


I have to thank my ex boyfriend for my becoming an escort. No, he did not pimp me out as the old cliches would have it. He and I had been going out for a few years when we decided to go travelling around the world, starting in Australia. But when we got there, lo and behold he decided that he wanted to stay there while I was still committed to travelling. So I headed off to Japan and left him in Sydney. I decided to treat myself for my first night away from him, so I checked into a hotel that I really could not afford for my first night in Japan. I got dressed up and went down to the bar just planning to have a bit of a pamper before I went back to the semi-slums of traditional backpacker travelling. I was hit on pretty much straight away by a lovely American businessman who really did
not want to hit the usual Japanese night spots. He had seen them all. Being a white girl dressed up in a cocktail dress in a hotel bar he made the obvious assumption and after we had sent the night together and he was heading out for the day, he gave me an envelope which turned out to have a thousand dollars in it.

I had made nearly a months wages and tips for one night of very average and undemanding sex. Given that I never had a problem with sex, I did not have a problem with this. Now, eleven years later, a thousand dollars will only buy a couple of hours of my time. I spend most of my time working with 2nd Circle Barcelona Escorts as they take good care of me and have really good clients. I travel a lot, both for work and my pleasure. I take whatever time off I choose. And they and the other agencies I work with always take care of me.

Looking back on it, do I wish things had turned out differently? It would have been nice not to have had the stress when my ex ran out on me. But otherwise, I am very happy with the choices I have made. And I am still in touch as friends with my first ever client and I see him sometimes when I am in Australia.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


I do not know whether you are one of those people who spends a lot of time on private yachts around the Mediterranean. And by private yachts I do not mean the sort of thing that a nice middle class family will sail from island to island with a couple of berths. I am talking about mega yachts. The kind that have helicopters on the rear deck and a twelve metre motor launch as the lighter to take the guests ashore. Well they were not my natural environment either until I became a professional high class escort. Now I spend a very large amount of time on them during the summer every year and I know the routines and ways of the super yachts that follow the milk run around the luxury hot spots of Europe. And by goodness I know the ways of the men (and women) who own them and inhabit them.
blond escort wearing black thong bikini kneeling on beach

I am a little unusual as an escort in that I do not work all year round. I will spend some time in the Alps with clients during the winter, skiing, wearing tight ski trousers and ski jackets with fur trim by day and lovely warm sweaters by night. Not bad to be paid for what I do for a hobby anyway! But other than that, I only work as a high class escort during the summer months. And my clients are only the extremely wealthy gentlemen – and occasional women – who either own the yachts or are honored guests on the mega yacht scene. That means I spend a lot of time in Mallorca, Ibiza, Cannes and Nice, Monaco and Sardinia. And I get well paid to do it. What bad luck.
The kind of people that you imagine being on those yachts and attending the parties is pretty much exactly right. Billionaires, supermodels, hedge fund investors, some movie stars and celebrities but not as many as you might think. Most lack the social graces to make it in this world, although beauty will always get you through most doors. But working as an escort on those events needs brains, looks, style and the ability to chat about things other than shoes. S there are lots of girls who get invited once but never return and only a small number of us who are so regular that people assume we belong there. I suppose they are right in a way.

Friday, 2 March 2018


I only work for six months of the year, but I do enough work hours in for the average persons three years of work! I am an escort in Ibiza from May to October and I love it. I know lots of other escorts work all year round, travelling from, say, Ibiza to London, Paris or Rome and then to Dubai for some some and then do it all over again. But they tend to party hard a lot of the time, take evenings, days or even weeks off while they are in Ibiza rather than working the way I do. That means that they are always either working or planning to work and spend a lot of time bitching to each other and me about how they never have time to have a personal life or meet a boyfriend for some romance. I really do not have that problem. When I work, I work.
blond escort girl in white panties and long white tank top

So between February and April each year, my fitness regimen goes up, I am watching my food even more carefully than normal and I hit the shops for some clothes and shoes for my time partying and whoring in Ibiza. That means lots if casual gear, because my clients like to take me out clubbing and onto yachts. But a lot of more dressy gear too. And it has to change each year because a lot of my clients repeat their bookings with me year on year and they would not expect me to be wearing last years dress and shoes with the money that they pay me! I find a good place to stay, where I can also have my clients visit me, and pay six months up front, which is the only way to get a good place in In Ibiza. I normally book in March and pay everything then. I know the real estate people so I can be fairly sure I will not get ripped off.

Most importantly, I organize my bookings with my direct clients and get back in touch with the escort agency that represents me in Ibiza. They do a great job, and between them and my own marketing I have hardly an hour to spare, which is just the way I like it. For six months I work eighteen or nineteen hours a day. And then for the other six months of the year I can have a different life away from the industry, running my online business, travelling and having romantic relationships. Yummy.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How To Do Kinky Sex On A Budget

Let me start this guest post with an honest confession and declaration of interest. I am a professional Dominatrix. A Mistress. A Domme. And that is not just a job for me it is a lifestyle. So let me give you a few tips on what kinky sex is really all about. And I speak from what I would (unusually for me) modestly call a lot of knowledge. I have a very good friend who owns a sex toy shop and website. And the stuff that she sells is terrific. Vibrators, butt plugs, latex, costumes and uniforms, bondage items and tools, riding crops, floggers, feathers on sticks, all that stuff. It is all lovely but with the exception of things that go buzz – you really cannot replicate that with anything else! - I do not need any of it to be the filthiest and kinkiest sexy bitch you have ever even imagined. Actually, to be fair, you have probably never imagined some of the stuff I regard as day to day, but let me move on.

dominatrix offering her high heeled shoe to kiss
Yes, at my dungeon where my clients visit me I have spent a fortune on equipment and decoration, because it is what clients expect. Many kinksters what the environment as much as the activity, sometimes more. So I have a St Andrews cross, a cage, wall restraints and a whipping bench. And a beautiful rack of different impact toys – about thirty assorted floggers, crops and whips. I also have a cupboard filled with other things such as huge plastic decorators sheets and industrial cling film – use your imagination. But in my personal BDSM sex life, which is at least as kinky as anything I do at work - but with the additional benefit of orgasms for me - I do not need any of the equipment to have a truly outrageous time.

You see, BDSM is really psychological as much as physical. The anticipation of a smack is often better than the event itself. And spontaneity can be an amazing erotic tool. Imagine the dominant woman taking her submissive man by surprise. Instead of getting all “done up” in costumes, she just leans over and whispers gently and quietly in his ear

“Get naked now you disgusting bitch and kiss my feet. Silently.”. 

I guarantee an instantaneous erection, and if the woman is really into it, she will also be as excited as all hell. She can then tie him up with his own shirt sleeves or t-shirt. Spank him with her bare hand over her knee, paddle him with a wooden spoon - which also makes a great anal plaything as it has the safety flange built in! But make sure to either burn it or throw it away afterward. BDSM is about power and control, not how much you spent on toys. So use your imagination and your partners too. I You will be surprised how much it can be.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Do Escorts Ever Get Off With Clients?

You know when you are in the “getting to know you” stage of a friendship, when you are just feeling each other out and seeing whether you actually really like each other or not? The stage where you have had a few laughs together, had some time together and get to feel comfortable opening up to someone? Well, given my profession, the point at which some variation of this question comes up in conversation by someone is both a barometer of where we are at, and also a massive difference between my friends who are in the adult industry and those who are not. And when the subject comes up in conversation is totally different between amateurs and professionals.

If I am talking to someone who is not in “the game” and has only experienced the adult industry as a consumer (face it and honest, we all have at some point!) then – once I have told someone what I do for a living - the question of whether escort girls enjoy sex with clients or not comes up in the top five of immediate questions. By the way, the reaction I get when I tell someone what I do falls into three
brunette escort girl sitting on bed pulling her hair up showing her neck
camps – shock and disgust, shock and fascination, shock and enthusiasm – not because of what I do, but because I do not look like I would be a Madam. So someone from outside the industry asks about the pleasure of professional sex right at the early stage of knowing me, before we are friends and normally not much more than acquaintances.

But if I am talking with a woman who is a sex worker, or used t be a sex worker, it normally comes up much later, once there is a high level of trust. I guess that is because it is almost a taboo subject, because a lot of women feel that if they do enjoy sex with clients and the colleague they are talking to does not, then they might be judged negatively (damn you, latent Victorian prejudice!). But on the other hand, if a professional escort does not enjoy sex with clients, ever, and is a damned good actress, then they may be judged by their colleague in a different way. Basically, sex and their reaction to it is a very sensitive subject between working girls.

To actually answer the question though, a woman´s response to amateur sex is pretty much like that of every woman. Some women find it easy to orgasm and do so almost every time. Some never do. And with others it depends on the guy, the situation and the chemistry.  

Friday, 22 December 2017

Mistress Keeps The Escorts At Bay

OK so I was a little taken aback. My sexy blonde principal was keeping me safe from her clients by sticking her tongue deeply in my mouth, getting a good feel of my ass and purring in enjoyment? I am open to pretty much most things, so decided to run with it. “OK, while I get back to stopping the people who are apparently planning on doing you harm (which includes me at this point) would you like to explain? Or should I just lie down and take your word for it?”

“Oh I would be very disappointed if you did lie down and take it?” she said with a wicked smirk “OK, I´ll explain. Some people at this type of sex party just want to have a nice time. Some want to have as much sex as possible with as many people as possible. Some just want to have sex with amateurs. Most want to get it on with as many combinations of the sexiest Madrid escorts that they can. Some take the opportunity to try things they have never done before girl-girl, guy guy, DP, whatever. But a small group are a bit more selective and potentially troublesome. They just want to bag the alphas in the group. I am way out of touch in sooooo many ways. But you are seen as being with me. And you are a good looking guy, well dressed, in good shape, and armed. You were going to jam to wasps. So I marked you as my territory. No-one is coming near you now. Not even if you initiated it with anyone.”

“Marked your territory? So to speak?” I queried

“Well, yes.”

I just gave her a look and turned back to the bacchanal. I had no idea what to say. So I didn't.

She stepped closer to me and said “Apart from a show at two o'clock this morning I am pretty much done for the night now. I will show my face a little, but I am basically done. I assume you will be with me during those times?”

“Of course, Mistress. That is the job.”

“OK, I have pissed you off on day one and we will be together for a few weeks. Why don't we get some coffee and a supper and get to know each other?” She saw the look that was still on my face “In the bounds of your professional distance of course:”

Who am I to refuse a meal from the most sexy, beautiful and challenging woman I have ever met?

Sunday, 22 October 2017


Sexy women are one of the greatest sensual delights in the world. It is a fascinating fact that both males and females delight revel in considering photographs of eye-catching women. The exact same is not constantly real in reverse. Which is why in the best testing formats, where small adjustments in appeal and also success are checked and rechecked and appear very clearly, images of lovely women are extra effective than photos of handsome males. Advertising and marketing as well as every social media platform reveal to us specifically just what people react to and also what they do not. As do the views a specific companion gets on an escort web site or directory. Just changing the profile image can promptly multiply by five or six times the frequency with which individuals click via to see the rest of the images, and the amount of time that they then spend on that profile page.

I when saw a female former children's television presenter that had aimed to increase her range of work into ads and also picture modelling. And while her figure looked remarkable in those layouts, her face did not actually work down the lens. I have had the same experience with many escortsin Benidorm. It looked too flat and broad for her brunette hair to carry it. Yet in reality, when she walked into a London drinks bar loaded with powerful and effective men and women from the worlds of media as well as marketing, who were extremely inured to seeing and also meeting beautiful ladies, she made the room pause. The air was drawn from the space as she walked across the room wearing an easy pair of denims, high heels and also a plain and simple white T t-shirt. Only when she had actually sat down did conversation begin once more. That is real charm. Unfortunately her occupation still did not recover.

Some women who are spectacular in photographs are so thin in the real world that you wish to feed them instead of make love to them. Some popular celebrities owe their elegance virtually completely to the marvels of computer system improvements which covers their defects, places and sick looking skin. It is typically the instance that a woman that is terribly sexy and also stunning in reality does not find that matched or communicated via a cam lens. Which is why spectacular people could fail display tests or simply not take great pictures. There is a companion that we represent who routinely has her customers drop a lot under her spell that they will extend their bookings by five or six hours. Yet her pictures are only adequate, but put her in a man´s presence and they melt because of her sheer sexual allure.

Good looking women will certainly constantly obtain interest. Whether in the web pages of a publication, on a website or personally. Everyone has their own definition of what makes a person appealing, however when somebody has that particular something that makes the pulse race then that will certainly communicate personally along with on the electronic or published web pages. Though not constantly just as. If you are promoting the sexiest escorts Benidorm has to provide, it is very important to understand exactly what pictures individuals will discover eye-catching and also exactly what they do not. The personal preference of the escort company owner or web designer has absolutely nothing to do with it. Similar to all advertising, it has to do with screening and testing.