Mistress Keeps The Escorts At Bay

OK so I was a little taken aback. My sexy blonde principal was keeping me safe from her clients by sticking her tongue deeply in my mouth, getting a good feel of my ass and purring in enjoyment? I am open to pretty much most things, so decided to run with it. “OK, while I get back to stopping the people who are apparently planning on doing you harm (which includes me at this point) would you like to explain? Or should I just lie down and take your word for it?”

“Oh I would be very disappointed if you did lie down and take it?” she said with a wicked smirk “OK, I´ll explain. Some people at this type of sex party just want to have a nice time. Some want to have as much sex as possible with as many people as possible. Some just want to have sex with amateurs. Most want to get it on with as many combinations of the sexiest Madrid escorts that they can. Some take the opportunity to try things they have never done before girl-girl, guy guy, DP, whatever. But a small group are a bit more selective and potentially troublesome. They just want to bag the alphas in the group. I am way out of touch in sooooo many ways. But you are seen as being with me. And you are a good looking guy, well dressed, in good shape, and armed. You were going to jam to wasps. So I marked you as my territory. No-one is coming near you now. Not even if you initiated it with anyone.”

“Marked your territory? So to speak?” I queried

“Well, yes.”

I just gave her a look and turned back to the bacchanal. I had no idea what to say. So I didn't.

She stepped closer to me and said “Apart from a show at two o'clock this morning I am pretty much done for the night now. I will show my face a little, but I am basically done. I assume you will be with me during those times?”

“Of course, Mistress. That is the job.”

“OK, I have pissed you off on day one and we will be together for a few weeks. Why don't we get some coffee and a supper and get to know each other?” She saw the look that was still on my face “In the bounds of your professional distance of course:”

Who am I to refuse a meal from the most sexy, beautiful and challenging woman I have ever met?


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