Do Escorts Ever Get Off With Clients?

You know when you are in the “getting to know you” stage of a friendship, when you are just feeling each other out and seeing whether you actually really like each other or not? The stage where you have had a few laughs together, had some time together and get to feel comfortable opening up to someone? Well, given my profession, the point at which some variation of this question comes up in conversation by someone is both a barometer of where we are at, and also a massive difference between my friends who are in the adult industry and those who are not. And when the subject comes up in conversation is totally different between amateurs and professionals.

If I am talking to someone who is not in “the game” and has only experienced the adult industry as a consumer (face it and honest, we all have at some point!) then – once I have told someone what I do for a living - the question of whether escort girls enjoy sex with clients or not comes up in the top five of immediate questions. By the way, the reaction I get when I tell someone what I do falls into three
brunette escort girl sitting on bed pulling her hair up showing her neck
camps – shock and disgust, shock and fascination, shock and enthusiasm – not because of what I do, but because I do not look like I would be a Madam. So someone from outside the industry asks about the pleasure of professional sex right at the early stage of knowing me, before we are friends and normally not much more than acquaintances.

But if I am talking with a woman who is a sex worker, or used t be a sex worker, it normally comes up much later, once there is a high level of trust. I guess that is because it is almost a taboo subject, because a lot of women feel that if they do enjoy sex with clients and the colleague they are talking to does not, then they might be judged negatively (damn you, latent Victorian prejudice!). But on the other hand, if a professional escort does not enjoy sex with clients, ever, and is a damned good actress, then they may be judged by their colleague in a different way. Basically, sex and their reaction to it is a very sensitive subject between working girls.

To actually answer the question though, a woman´s response to amateur sex is pretty much like that of every woman. Some women find it easy to orgasm and do so almost every time. Some never do. And with others it depends on the guy, the situation and the chemistry.  


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