I do not know whether you are one of those people who spends a lot of time on private yachts around the Mediterranean. And by private yachts I do not mean the sort of thing that a nice middle class family will sail from island to island with a couple of berths. I am talking about mega yachts. The kind that have helicopters on the rear deck and a twelve metre motor launch as the lighter to take the guests ashore. Well they were not my natural environment either until I became a professional high class escort. Now I spend a very large amount of time on them during the summer every year and I know the routines and ways of the super yachts that follow the milk run around the luxury hot spots of Europe. And by goodness I know the ways of the men (and women) who own them and inhabit them.
blond escort wearing black thong bikini kneeling on beach

I am a little unusual as an escort in that I do not work all year round. I will spend some time in the Alps with clients during the winter, skiing, wearing tight ski trousers and ski jackets with fur trim by day and lovely warm sweaters by night. Not bad to be paid for what I do for a hobby anyway! But other than that, I only work as a high class escort during the summer months. And my clients are only the extremely wealthy gentlemen – and occasional women – who either own the yachts or are honored guests on the mega yacht scene. That means I spend a lot of time in Mallorca, Ibiza, Cannes and Nice, Monaco and Sardinia. And I get well paid to do it. What bad luck.
The kind of people that you imagine being on those yachts and attending the parties is pretty much exactly right. Billionaires, supermodels, hedge fund investors, some movie stars and celebrities but not as many as you might think. Most lack the social graces to make it in this world, although beauty will always get you through most doors. But working as an escort on those events needs brains, looks, style and the ability to chat about things other than shoes. S there are lots of girls who get invited once but never return and only a small number of us who are so regular that people assume we belong there. I suppose they are right in a way.


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