I have to thank my ex boyfriend for my becoming an escort. No, he did not pimp me out as the old cliches would have it. He and I had been going out for a few years when we decided to go travelling around the world, starting in Australia. But when we got there, lo and behold he decided that he wanted to stay there while I was still committed to travelling. So I headed off to Japan and left him in Sydney. I decided to treat myself for my first night away from him, so I checked into a hotel that I really could not afford for my first night in Japan. I got dressed up and went down to the bar just planning to have a bit of a pamper before I went back to the semi-slums of traditional backpacker travelling. I was hit on pretty much straight away by a lovely American businessman who really did
not want to hit the usual Japanese night spots. He had seen them all. Being a white girl dressed up in a cocktail dress in a hotel bar he made the obvious assumption and after we had sent the night together and he was heading out for the day, he gave me an envelope which turned out to have a thousand dollars in it.

I had made nearly a months wages and tips for one night of very average and undemanding sex. Given that I never had a problem with sex, I did not have a problem with this. Now, eleven years later, a thousand dollars will only buy a couple of hours of my time. I spend most of my time working with 2nd Circle Barcelona Escorts as they take good care of me and have really good clients. I travel a lot, both for work and my pleasure. I take whatever time off I choose. And they and the other agencies I work with always take care of me.

Looking back on it, do I wish things had turned out differently? It would have been nice not to have had the stress when my ex ran out on me. But otherwise, I am very happy with the choices I have made. And I am still in touch as friends with my first ever client and I see him sometimes when I am in Australia.


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