Condoms And Money

From my many years of experience of working in the sex industry I can say with total certainty that it is far more common for wealthy male customers to refuse to use condoms and try to go bareback when they are having sex with a hooker. My friends and colleagues have talked about this quite a few times and we think that this problem is not about any direct sexual preference, but is really down to a sense of invulnerability and entitlement. It seems to us that some wealthy men feel that they are entitled to everything they want and that everything in their world will always work out well for them. In addition to seeing prostitutes that same type of male might also have lots of sex partners who are not overtly or consciously seen as whores. But those women do receive a lot of gifts and favors from their boyfriends, up to and including being given a car and a luxurious home. The women involved in these relationships might feel compelled to do whatever her partner asks sexually so she does not risk losing her economic benefits.

This type of behavior on the part of male clients potentially has serious consequences and places all those involved at an increased risk of AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as risking unplanned pregnancies. It has to be said that all of these problems are therefore lower for the type of professional escort Benidorm gentlemen than for for women who are party animals or who shag for shoes. I think it fair to presume that much transactional sex is driven by a woman’s lack of money and economic resources because in many cases, sex is sometimes the only currency of exchange for women, but more often it is increasingly they are driven by consumerism and greed.

From the stories I hear every day I believe that the common perception of transactional sexual relationships is that they just happen with young twenty something women dating and shagging older men, who are often known as sugar daddies. Yes this type of thing does occur and is reasonably common. But transactional relationships are not always inter-generational because attitudes about sex, gender, and age are constantly changing. Older women who have their own career can also pay for sex should they choose. And wealthy young men also frequently want older women with more experience to offer.

Women of pretty much every social status and age now take part in transactional sexual relationships and the only point of difference might be in the amount of cash or the type of the goods supplied for the sex. So what if any conclusions have I reached about this aspect of sex? As you might probably anticipate, my vote would be for the honesty of prostitution and being a whore over the ambiguity of being a paid girlfriend. Being a whore has the benefit of giving a woman control of her money, her health and her body. Being explicitly paid for your sexual services allows you to say no if you want to and simply walk away from whatever scene you are in at the time.


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