Sex Is Lots Of Fun

Sex is great fun when it is done right. Sex is enjoyable when it is merely indifferent. Sex is fairly good fun when it is done badly. Basically, sex is good. How many other things in our lives exist on a spectrum between amazing and good? Food does not, because there is some awful food. Music does not, there is horrible music. Clothes do not as some clothes are truly terrible, and other clothes do not fulfill their intended purpose. But sex between consenting adults only exists between being the best thing in the world and just the best thing that day.

Great sex between people who love each other is profound and astonishingly pleasurable. Indifferent sex between people who love each other is still probably the best thing that will happen to those people that day. Bad sex between people who love each other is still pretty good fun and rewarding. Even if only for one of them! Basically, sex between people who love each other will always be something pleasurable and rewarding. The only question is about how good it will be and what positive emotions it will generate between them and for each of them. Being one of the best escorts Fuengirola offers is not a bad job sometimes! There are few other things that produce the same results. In fact I cannot think of any, but perhaps you can.

Great sex between people who are total strangers is astonishingly pleasurable and can be profound and transform the way they feel about each other. Or just amazing fun. Indifferent sex between total strangers is still probably the best thing that will happen to those people that day. Crappy sex between complete strangers is still going to be good fun and give them pleasure. What I am saying is that whether you know each other or not, having sex with a consenting partner is almost sure to be the best experience that you will have on any given day. The only question is how much fun it will be.

I enjoy soft, slow gentle sex with lots of kissing, stroking and caressing. I enjoy rough, hard, fast sex up against a wall or across a table or the back of a chair. I like spontaneous sex that just happens because you feel like it at the right moment. I like sex with lots of theatrical elements that need preparation and planning, such as dressing up in sexy clothes or costumes. I adore sex that just involves skin, fingers, tongues, teeth, a penis and a vagina. Or more than one penis or vaginas, or any combination of those two that you can imagine. I like straight sex, gay sex. I like being monogamous and I like being promiscuous. I like fucking and I like being fucked.


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